Sunday, January 8, 2012

The long reach of the Food Bill (no conspiracy theories here, just facts)

I promise I will get back to blogging about wild food soon. I've made some new-to-me discoveries and am keen to share!

But, before I do - I want to plug a new Facebook community page that realistically discusses how the Food Bill will affect small-scale and hobby food producers, i.e. 'cottage producers'.

This does affect a lot of us.

The page is for those producers themselves, but also for people like me who really appreciate artisan and home-made food, and love being able to buy from or swap with the people making it ... (I don't want that threatened, which frankly, the Food Bill does, however much some government officials pooh-pooh the notion.)

If you're interested, please come along and 'like' the page.

And if you know anyone else this is relevant to, feel free to forward the link to them:

Cottage Food and the NZ Food Bill Facebook Page 

6 comments: said...

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Lucy said...
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Isa Ritchie said...

Hi Johanna,
Long time no see. I hope you're keeping well. I tried to read the food bill and discovered I don't know how to read legislation so I will have a squiz at the facebook page. There is a talk coming up in Hamilton by Steffan Browning next week on this topic.

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Johanna Knox said...

Hi Lucy - I've sent you a private reply.

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